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Ranty Ansty

Imma talk about anxiety for a bit.

Like any mental issue, it has been trivialised. To me, trying to just “get over it” is as ludicrous as telling someone to get over a physical injury. If someone broke their leg, you wouldn’t tell them to stop being a wuss. You’d help them, carry their stuff because they have to use crutches, open doors so they don’t have to struggle. You’d do all this, probably without even thinking about it. And you’d do it, right up until they say they’re fine, until they don’t use their crutches.

Now flip that. 

I was very recently told I have a terrible attitude towards life. I’m so negative. To a degree that is very true, I let that voice in my head take over. The voice that says I can’t. That voice is very clever, sometimes it whispers, sometimes it screams, but it is constantly there.

Anxiety is a manipulative bastard. 

Last year I had the very scary situation when I was at work, in literally the most normal, non threatening environment, and I started shaking. A grown ass woman stood in a staff room shaking so much she spilt the water someone gave her.

I’m not even sure why I’m writing this, it generally helps to get stuff out. I mean it’s gotten better, once I realised what was going on. Know your enemy and that shit.

But I guess what I’m trying to say, to those who don’t realise, something like this can be life limiting. Not in terms of length, but in terms of enjoyment and fulfilment. It can stop you from enjoying everything. It puts a dark cloud over everyday. And telling someone to cheer up and get over it, is about as helpful as closing a door on someone with crutches.

It’s not the best analogy, as it gives the impression that other people are paramount to recovery, but it’s the best I can come up with.

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